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Trick or Treat

Halloween is officially on Sunday, but if you are anything like us, you have been celebrating all month, decorations, parties, fall festivals, candy buying and eating, costume ordering and making…. For a lot of us, Halloween is the best time of year, because it allows us to be fun, frivolous and to have access to a lot of chocolate, which in our humble opinion, is heaven. If we have learned one thing from this pandemic it is this, life is way too fragile not to have fun.

Failure to Thrive

Everyone desires to be the hero of their own story. We want to be the conqueror, the winner, the savior and we shudder at ever seeming needy, as the loser or the one who just cannot find their way in life. It is inevitable though that at one time or another we will fail and need help, because failing is human.

Pursuit of Happiness

A lot of us exist for the very highs of life and live in fear of the very lows,  that we sort of skip over living in the middle.  The ordinary workday, the repetition of making meals, cleaning up, and our nightly bedtime routine.  We gloss over the things we do all the time and forget that often they contain a lot of joy.  Every morning there is the ritual of coffee making.

Social Media

When Instagram and Facebook went down the other day, did you even know or were you constantly refreshing your screen to see when on earth they were going to be back up?  We didn’t realize anything was happening until our SG IG post reminding people to schedule their Mammogram, because they are important and because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, failed to load for hours.  It was a nice social media break to be honest, so much time was freed up to work, read, be present, and focus on tasks at hand.  

Patiently Impatient

Why some people love to be early, like at least a half an hour to fifteen minutes early, is something that our brains cannot handle.  Being on time means, in our minds, being there at the prescribed time, give or take fifteen minutes.  Why? Probably because so much of our life is spent waiting.  Waiting for things to happen, pickups, appointments, meals, therapy, opening times...we arrive and then we park ourselves in our idling cars or in a waiting room and we wait.  


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