Be steadfast in the face of hardship

We are so sorry that we skipped last week, I (the writer of your weekly life hack) was dreadfully ill, the kind of ill the makes you want to weep and on top of that, I discovered I was allergic to a particular medication and might I just say, the side effects were more tortuous than the illness to begin with! But let’s be honest, these are the trials and tribulations of a large part of our members. We are trying to live life and hold our head above water and then BAM!

Facing reality after the holiday season

After what was basically a month plus of holiday parties, eating, training for a run, injuring myself after the run, traveling, having the kids off, not waking up to an early alarm..., let me just say that getting back to my regular schedule is a little harsh. I sit up in bed after the alarm goes off and it is like someone yanked me from the folds of a warm and dark oblivion and it takes all my willpower to get my workout clothes on and get moving! The point that I am slowly getting at is that this is par for the course for every January of my entire life.

Making realistic resolutions for 2019

Oh My God folks, it is 2 days into 2019 and I am exhausted looking at all the resolutions and goals online! So far I should be eating Vegan for January, or starting Whole 30, or buying a Gym Pass, going back to school, revamping my wardrobe, cleaning out my closets, giving up caffeine (no freaking way!) and alcohol and the list drones on and on. No, NO, NO!!!!! If you feel the need to do any of the above, wonderful, I applaud you, but to be honest, January is just another month. It is the prologue to your 2019, but it doesn’t define your entire year.

It's a wonderful life

Every year growing up I watched It’s a Wonderful Life, I haven’t watched it in years, but I can probably quote most of the movie if prompted. For those of you who have never seen it, it is about a do gooder that gets stuck in his childhood town and feels like everyone got to get out but him. His Uncle loses the money needed to keep their business afloat and he considers ending it all. Clarence the Angel (without wings, he hasn’t been promoted yet) jumps into the icy water so that George Bailey will save him. George then gets his wish granted, that he was never born.

Giving yourself the credit your deserve

I don’t know if it’s the cold, or holidays or another year end looming, but lately I have started thinking, have I accomplished enough, done enough, and then mostly I am happy to slink off to bed early with a good book and comfy warm pajamas and wake up one day closer to 2019! Do you remember when you were a kid and you never really thought about time, maybe in terms of holidays and countdowns to birthdays, but as an adult, goodness is feels like the days race by.


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