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When your Year Throws you a Curveball

Up until Mid-March, it felt like life was going really well, it was 2020, that felt momentous somehow! In the midst of life, how we previously knew it, work, working out, school in a physical building, not a mask in sight, things felt like they were on track, not perfect, but on track. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, but then news stories started focusing on an illness that was making people sick in China. That felt really far removed until people on cruise ships and in Europe started getting sick too. American citizens abroad started getting sent home and worry started sinking in.

Suddenly a shopping trip felt weird, people started wearing masks and there were lines outside of stores, BAM! the world had suddenly shifted, life as we knew it, had ended. Most of us know that from time to time life throws us curve balls that seem to come out of leftfield and while we mentally prepare ourselves to accept that life can’t always be good, the completely unexpected is not something we ever knew to mentally prepare for.

“Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. It doesn’t go the way we planned. All that matters is how we handle it and the person we become on the other side.” -Karina Halle

Rationally, there is no real way to prepare for these moments except to acknowledge their presence and then make a plan on how to move forward. Our natural inclination is to freeze, to try and process what is going on. Processing a mass pandemic is discombobulating at best. People seem to be falling into two camps when it comes to COVID-19, take it seriously, wear a mask, stay home, work on flattening the curve OR they view the health mandates as a way the government is trying to stifle their rights with zero regard for Front Line workers and the health and safety of others. We can either mourn our prior lives or work towards a future where people are no longer literally dying around us, it is that simple.

We can’t always choose our circumstances but we can choose how we respond to what life throws at us, and there is power when we realize our ability to alter our destiny.
-Bear Grylls, A Survival Guide for Life: How to Achieve Your Goals, Thrive in Adversity, and Grow in Character

So how do we actually deal with the issues we are going through with grace and dignity, how do we stay true to ourselves through a time when we are scared and feel like everything is out of our control? How do we practice self care when we are laying flat on our backs and it feels like life has let us down?

*Decide that “this too shall pass.”
It may seem like life will always be this scary, we will always wear masks and we will never return to “normal.” Some things will go back to how they were, some aspects may forever be altered, but that is life in a nutshell. We have to prepare for the unexpected, we have to learn to roll with the punches, but life has a way of evening out every now and then. Everything won’t always be as hard as it is RIGHT NOW, so hang on to the promise, it will get easier.

*Make time for you.
Regardless if you haven't had an empty house since March making time just for yourself to reboot and refresh is important. This is time outside of therapy, treatment, day to day care, this is your time to put yourself first for a little bit of the day or week. Maybe this requires you to get up earlier or go to sleep later, this may mean locking your bathroom door and having your partner take care of the night time rituals while you take a bath, paint your nails or just sit on the floor and cry. Self care is your time, put it on the calendar and make sure your family knows not to disturb you. You can trade off time with your partner for fairness!

*Remember, no matter how strong you are, asking for help doesn’t make you weak.
This can be hiring a housecleaner, getting a babysitter, hiring a nurse for a few hours (we understand that in times of COVID these all seem out of reach, but we assure you services are still available and they take the necessary health precautions to keep you and your family safe). It can also be setting up a therapy appointment, joining a support group (check!), or taking the time to text or call those in your support circle.

“It was a *******, life. It had the knack of throwing you a curve every now and then to keep you interested. To give you a reason to keep going. Then, just as you thought you had cracked it, you took delivery of a blow that was so severe you were amazed at how you could ever have survived it. But somehow you did, and somehow you carried on.”
-Martina Cole, The Business

Keep in mind, we are all struggling to maintain our balance during all this. We are adjusting, we are pivoting, we are hanging in there. We all have our moments of struggling and our moments of victories and then we find ourselves mostly walking a fine line between the two as we go about our day. We are all navigating our own journey, try to make yours as amazing as you can.

Keep up the great work!

-Team SG




CKBlossom's picture
Jul 24, 2020

Love this!!!

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast-Alice in Wonderland

lakewolf's picture
Sep 8, 2020

That's exactly how I feel right now :
"{...}you took delivery of a blow that was so severe you were amazed at how you could ever have survived it."
I still have 9 months to go.

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