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What 2020 has taught us thus far!

2020 seems momentous, like we have reached some sort of eerie Sci-Fi pinnacle of life. There is so much technology out there that I can find out what is happening inside my dishwasher, while it is running! I have no idea why I need to know that, but from an app, I can literally get an update on what quadrant is currently being cleaned. Why I would ever need to know that is beyond me, but my friends, this is where we are at in the year 2020. On the flip side, with all these fancy advances in life, it sort of feels like a cosmic let down that there are still major hurdles to cross, like getting your health care to cover therapy, for as long as needed, without the process feeling like you are training for a Tough Mudder equivalent of understanding Medical Insurance jargon.

So while some things seem easier, like ordering groceries and picking them up curbside or (gasp) having them delivered to your door!!!! Or making reservations for basically everything from airlines to your dinner spot from the awesome convenience of your phone, other things still seem really hard! For instance, I need a new doctor and I am actually beyond overwhelmed! I have to go onto my insurance website and basically pick someone new based on my zip code and hope they are good, and if it wouldn’t be too much to ask for, a nice office staff (I am cursed with picking doctors with the office staff from Hell).

Life can’t always be like a handmade, warm from the oven, brownie with ice cream on top. More often it is in the middle, like a room temperature, store bought brownie, minus the ice cream. Still good, still yummy, still chocolate, just lacking some of the pizazz of option one. We can either cry about it or we can put our big girl or boy pants on and survive. We survive and we work and we put in the time and some more work until one day we see a glint of hope, and in that moment we recognize that we might not only be surviving, but thriving.

“I always thought that the “thriving” would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.”
-Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story

Our past is behind us, it molds us, it shapes us, we carry the scars of it, but it doesn’t make us who we are, we have a choice in the person we become. People with the most charmed childhoods could grow up to be mean and hateful people and those who came from poverty, abuse, addiction, overall hardship, can rise like a phoenix from the ashes of life and become the most glorious, kind and successful adults. Why? Because they made a choice not to model what was taught to them, they looked to teachers, religious leaders, to books, to librarians and leaders for an example of which to model their life after, and they literally forged a new path for their life.

“You are not your past. You are the warrior that rose above it to become the example of someone who didn't survive, but thrived in creating the most beautiful last chapter of their life.”
-Shannon L. Alder

You are all such amazing pillars of strength, you have come here to improve your life, to get the support you need to make necessary changes. That takes a lot of courage, change is never easy and for a lot of us, incredibly scary! Thank you for sticking with our site through the ups and downs, we appreciate it more than you will ever know! All the best-Team SG

What 2020 has taught us thus far

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