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Week 5 in lockdown, why are we so tired??

It is week 5 on lockdown where we are. All I keep thinking is, “Why am I so tired?” Maybe because I am a chef, teacher, hostage negotiator (parent’s of more than 1 child know what I am talking about), dish cleaner, floor sweeper, camp counselor and general social director around these parts. I never thought being at home would feel more exhausting than being my regular Mommy Uber self, plus my regular work life here at But I have come to find out that not being able to outsource any of my kid’s schooling and entertainment leaves little free time on my part. How are my other parents and caretakers doing?

“We all grow tired eventually; it happens to everyone. Even the sun, at the close of the year, is no longer a morning person.”- Joyce Rachelle

Those who are on their own during this isolation, how are you doing? It may seem like bliss to those who are parents or in a relationship, but we imagine it must get lonely at times, isolating and maybe even a bit scary. What about those who are living alone, not by choice, but because your job mandates social distancing, what a huge sacrifice you are making in this fight against COVID-19! To those on the front line, our tiredness doesn’t even begin to compare! You are literally fighting the good fight when all we have to do is stay at home.

“In whatever battle we're facing, we too often lose hope. And once we've lost hope we've not only lost the battle, we've lost everything else as well.”-Craig D. Lounsbrough

Life is confusing right now, but we can only take it one day at a time. When things get frustrating with schooling, or work, or in life, or with dealing with a mental health or physical health issue, have a tool box of fixes at the ready. Set up a reading nook where you can find some quiet time or a place to meditate. Take a walk or take a book outside, getting some sun and fresh air will help give you a natural boost. Make sure you eat well and drink lots of water. When schooling your kids brings you or them to tears, take a break, bake something and have them measure ingredients-math done! Have them read the recipe-reading done!

Remember, that even in this time when we are told to count our blessings we aren’t sick, that we are safe, that we have a house…. It can bring us low or make us doubt whether we are a good person when we experience stress, anxiety, anger, fear...or any other emotion that pops up. Remember that these feelings don't make us ungrateful or awful people. We are humans and while the rational part of our brain tells us to count our blessing, the irrational part is like AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, PANIC, THERE IS A PANDEMIC GOING ON-PURELL EVERYTHING!!! Remind yourself that in a time where there is very little you can control, your mind is one thing that you have some control over. Remind yourself as often as you can that what you are feeling is valid, it just needs to stay on the sidelines, it cannot have access to center stage.

“To be in a long-term state of limbo, not knowing the outcome or length of time waiting, is utterly, shatteringly exhausting.”-Tanya Marlow

We are in this together, we are experiencing the ups and downs right along with you. In health-SG

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