We can do hard things!

The news really, really, really is at an all time low, I mean, if I wanted to hear people yelling and arguing, I can listen to my children tell me why they don’t need showers or to eat green beans. I do not need to listen to adults scream over one another about how they are going to do things better than our current President, or our current President yelling and calling everyone names because he doesn’t want to give up his Throne, I mean Presidency. I think it would be far more entertaining to see the President and everyone vying for the Democratic nomination to do something like a Tough Mudder or a Rose Ceremony or at least show us tangible proof they can do anything that comes out of their mouth, talk is cheap, action is well, a little more believable.

When you have been hurt by people in your past, like most of us have, even politics take on a whole new meaning. We see the narcissists, we see the verbal abuse, we notice the spouses that aren’t happy, we can call BS on so much because honey, we have been there, got the t-shirt, we survived and well, all the pretty words out there, we have heard them before. We have been promised big things and we have been let down before, so you can’t fool us.

“One thing is for sure—you will make mistakes. Learn to learn from them. Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to laugh when everything falls apart because, sometimes, it will.” -Vironika Tugaleva, The Art of Talking to Yourself

This is not a political tirade, just a reminder that voting matters, but what matters more is what the people who are running really stand for. We live in a time where school shootings are a real and present danger, where mental health care is expensive and hard to come by, where basic health insurance is out of reach financially for a lot of people, where teachers have to work second or third jobs so they can afford to take care of their families while loving and educating our children. We don’t have a lot of power over decisions and decision making, but we do have power in electing the people who do.

In your upcoming State and Presidential races, pick the candidates that will make choices to help, rather than harm, who will protect, rather than destroy, who will make decisions that will allow us to take care and protect our children, that will allow us to go to the doctor without fear of bankruptcy, that will allow us to go to therapy without fearing again, bankruptcy. Choose wisely, this is our time for our voices to be heard.

“We can do hard things -- it's the impossible that takes a little longer. - Alan Packer

Friends, we have got this life thing down, we have support, we have confidence, or at least we are confident we will find it. We can do hard things, we will leave the impossible to the fairies and unicorns, we will keep our feet on the ground and we will demand much needed change because we CAN and we WILL. -Team SG


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Good to see you back! There were a few months of almost total silence - which is worrying. Thank you fot the ongoing inspirations. I'd like to remind you, very gently, that your audience is not !00% US, and some of the rest of us could use a little political nudging when the time comes :-)

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Yes I’m back here and doing alright. For now. Thank you for caring

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Thank you @Buddhabob, we love being a source of inspiration and support and sometimes we just have to nudge a little when the time seems right. All the best-SG

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@kate86, so glad you are here! All the best-SG

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All the best here to others too!

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@Daniel1018 you can PM me and I can guide you through it.

"you cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind"

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