Tis the month where being a little crazy, a little witchy and different is ENCOURAGED!

I have been to both a doctor’s appointment, for myself, and to the orthodontist, for a kiddo, this week (and it's only Wednesday) and I wasn’t even upset about it! Normally, it is a long, drawn out time wipe on my schedule, but not this month, the offices were decorated for Halloween and they had Keurigs, and that made everything okay. I kid you not, this month with all the decorations, parties, food and candy (except candy corn, they are just a waste of calories, they taste like you should light them up, i.e. they taste like what I imagine a candle tastes like) make me so happy. It is that time of year where I imagine, if I didn’t live South of the Hemisphere, might be cool and the leaves would be turning all sorts of lovely colors. Alas, they do not, I hold onto my memories though of a true Fall and tell my children lovely stories about States that don’t hold onto Summer like a child holds onto their ratty lovey.

“Haunt an old house.
Ask for a treat.
Laugh like a witch.
Lick something sweet.
Offer a trick.
Wander a maze.
Echo a boo.
Exclaim the phrase—
Normal's unnatural on Halloween!”
-Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

Sometimes life gives you lemons and instead of making anything with them you just kind of wish you can lob them at someone. The lemons to which I am currently dealing with is our President mocking Dr. Ford’s testimony regarding her sexual assault at the hands of his Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. I feel shock that I can continue to be shocked about things our President says, but when it comes to this, I am glad I can still feel righteous anger, because this is the truth I hang on to, my kids will know what is right and what is wrong, they will know that their bodies are wondrous creations and what happens to their bodies should always be their choice. I don’t think little boys grow up intrinsically thinking that they have more rights than their female playmates, but that is what the news seems to shout. That boys will be boys and well, girls have to deal with it.

But I say NOPE, that is not our truth. Our truth is that this month both boys and girls will turn out in droves to pick out their costumes, they don’t have to be confined to gender norms we push on them, they get to be super heroes, princes and princesses, they get to Mary Poppins, Witches on brooms, they get to Ron, Harry and Hermione, they get to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There excited faces will beam and they will go out to the streets and collect way too much candy and for one night, they will be seen as equal. They will not be judged by the color of their skin, they will not be told they can’t be that character because it is a boy or girl character, their religion will not be questioned, on this night they can be ANYTHING!!!

“Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it's about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.” Elvis Duran

If only we could take this confidence that Halloween costumes give us and bottle it! But the lovely thing is that we can. We are so full of power and ability to do good in our lives and others that it doesn’t even need to be questioned. You may think, nope, that statement is 100 percent wrong for my life. We are here to tell you that it is you who are wrong. Humans have evolved and grown, the technology I am using just to write this Life Hack is light years aways from what I used in college and while that seems like a hundred years ago, it was less than 2 decades ago that I started as an undergrad. We have so many tools in our life to make our lives better. Yes, there are still struggles, there are no cures for so many diseases and mental health issues, but there is hope. Everyday there is hope because we fight everyday for a better tomorrow, for ourselves, our family and for others.

This month is also early voting in the United States, you get a voice in picking Senators, Governors, Lt. Governors, Judges, City and County officials and that dear readers is a very strong power. You get to make your voice heard, you get to say, these are the issues I am passionate about and because of that I stand behind _____________. Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass, you can’t complain about issues if you do nothing to stop them in the first place.

“If human beings had genuine courage, they'd wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween.” -Douglas Coupland

Stay strong everyone, in Support we trust! -Team SG

Let's get spooky!


PrettynPink29's picture

I totally agree with you with all of it! This so called president is the absolute worst! Halloween is the best, getting free candy, the costumes, the decorations. :-D

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