Taking the time to check in with ourselves

We have made it to September! For those of us in the United States that means we have made it through six months of a Pandemic. Here is a quick recap: March, April, May and June, masks are the new fashion accessory, the Virtual School nightmare begins and plays out, Stay at Home Orders, doing every DIY project known to man or woman, you probably developed Insomnia, learned a whole lot of new recipes, senseless killings were perpetrated, and protests started. July, August, thank God for pools, masks are getting hip, grocery stores are the new Date Spot, ordering Food to Go is nirvana, more senseless killings are perpetrated, & protests continue.

September brings us back to school, virtually and in person, Teachers are Gods and should make lots more money than they do, Sports are back up and they play crowdless, and the protests continue (because change is needed)! The upcoming Election events are more fun to watch than well anything else that is happening and I kid you not when I say I have thought some of the events were staged by SNL or some other comedy show!

You are now all caught up in case you have been crouched in a ball, hiding from the world, which is not honestly a bad place to be right now. Every morning when my alarm sings or chimes, whatever that sound is, I feel like yanking the blankets back up, but there is exercise to do and blessed coffee to drink!

“These are hard and uncertain times we’re living in,” he said. “You never know what will still be here tomorrow. That’s why we must take joy every day in what we do have, so it’s something we can carry in our memories when things change.” -Jaye L. Knight

Life is a bit heavy right now, we are balancing a lot on our shoulders, so it is really important that you make sure you are taking time for yourself. Check in with yourself at least once a day and see how things are going. We call and check up on those who we care about, why not ourselves?

You can have a checklist of sorts:

Am I eating well and keeping myself hydrated?
Try to fill up a large tumbler or set aside a pitcher of water you can drink from during the day, having it by your computer helps keep you honest. During times of stress all we want is comfort food, but as this stressful time is 6 months in, let’s aim for more protein, veggies and fruit on our plates and in our bellies, then all the sugar and carbs we crave!

Am I getting the proper amount of exercise?
Exercise is a great way to bust up stress, even if your exercise routine is taking your calls outside to walk and talk, do it. Add in a little strength training, dumbbells are not that expensive or just grab your laundry detergent or a big bottle of water! Do something outdoors that makes you sweat, it is that simple.

Am I getting the support and mental health care I need?
We are here for you, but don’t forget support, while SO important, is not a replacement for therapy or counseling. It is essential, so while all the extras like mani/pedis and hair cuts might have fallen by the wayside, mental health care cannot!

“If you haven't been journaling through this, now is a good time to start. One day, you and people who love and loved you and people who will never know you may want to look back to understand how you survived.”
- Darnell Lamont Walker

We are stronger than we ever thought possible, we are fighting the good fight, take care of yourself, get the care you need, support and be kind to others!

All the best-SG


CKBlossom's picture

I am here for this and I am keeping my Yeti filled and working on drinking my way through at least 2 today!

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast-Alice in Wonderland

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