Slow your roll

I am not sure when I first heard this saying, but it is one of those urban sayings that have snuck into my vocabulary. I like sayings that are visually descriptive and this one reminds me to slow down, put on the breaks and think about what I am doing or saying before I (here’s another good saying) put my “foot in my mouth.” It is important to remember in life that we can’t slow down time but we can take moments to step back and evaluate what is going on in our life, make a mental list of what is serving us well and what things need to change.

“Time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead.”
-J.K. Rowling

Life might seem a little more manageable if we had a redo button like we do on our computer, erased something in error, made a mistake, REDO, but in life, we can’t call into service a handy little key, but we can call into play reflection before we act. Will what I am about to say or do serve me well? Will it build someone up, or tear them down? Will the food I am about to eat nourish me or make me feel awful later…?

“That is my problem with life, I rush through it, like I'm being chased. Even things whose whole point is slowness, like drinking relaxing tea. When I drink relaxing tea I suck it down as if I'm in a contest for who can drink relaxing tea the quickest.”
-Miranda July

It is hard for most of us not to be in constant movement, or in constant work mode, our phones are always at the ready, we are always on them and then we wonder why we are always so exhausted?! The answer is that we have to take some time every day and really set it aside to just relax, as novel and exciting as it sounds, it isn’t about doing anything, it is about letting your brain relax. Setting time aside to actually talk, to read a book, to write things down that you are worrying about or want to discuss on or with your therapist or counselor at a later time.

I want to take this moment to admit that I have almost a dozen windows on my computer open at all times, I have sound going on in the background most times too, because often the quiet bugs me, I enjoy doing Yoga but ONLY if I like the teacher’s voice (yes, I have left classes because their VOICE annoys me-I think that really means I need to slow my roll!). I need to be less judgy, I also need to slow down, because when you work for this amazing site, I think often you can get into the mindset of well, my life is really not that bad compared to some of the truly sad stories I have seen posted…. But I have to remind myself, and now you, that life isn’t a contest to who has it worse, who has the saddest life story, who has been married to the world’s worst person, or who’s children are utter terrors, we all have our lot to deal with or, ultimately work on changing.

“I hate patience. Slows everything down.”
-J.D. Robb

Tips on learning to slow your roll:
*Set a daily turn off and turn on time on your phone.*
At the same time everyday, including weekends, my phone goes to sleep, I can access it if I have to and I also have people that can call me anytime they need me (currently that list is at 2) but it is one of the nicest gifts I have given myself, time to unplug.

*Practice some sort of morning ritual that you do, just for you.*
For me that is working out and making a perfect cup of coffee, it is my time, I also love sitting outside when the weather is nice and drink my coffee. I think there might be nothing else quite like those few minutes when the sun is rising and I am drinking my coffee. The best part of a recent vacation was the great porch of our rental where I would sit in mornings and evenings watching the sun rise and set.

*Selfcare, it is an acknowledgement to yourself that you are important enough and deserving enough to “deserve” good things .*
Self care can be therapy, counseling, attending a support group or posting to our site. It can be making yourself a healthy meal. It can be saying no, when your natural inclination is to say yes. It is really just doing the things you know intuitively to be healthy and needed in your life.

Everyday, you have choices to make, we hope you continue to come on our site to get the support you need and deserve. We are inspired everyday by your resolve and strength. Continue to make yourself a priority. -Team SG

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