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Self Worth

Self worth, body positivity, health food, drink lots of water, eat your veggies, eat lots of green things, exercise...the amount of health buzzwords are immense, the amount of headlines while we are isolating due to the Corona Virus is just exhausting! Adelle, the Mega Amazing Singer, released a photo on her birthday showing an astounding weight loss, and all the power to her, but honestly the comments were just a little too much. Like she wasn’t gorgeous before? Our opinion was that she was always stunning, body shape is just that, a shape, we gain, we lose and we don’t know about you, but for most of us it is the same 5-10 lbs, over and over again.

We need to stop focusing so much on our weight and focus more on having a healthy body, a body fueled by whole foods and of course the occasional yummy stuff; life is just not worth living for us without semi-sweet chocolate and coffee. Instead of focusing on outward perfection (which is an impossible standard in the first place), we need should work on cultivating a positive mind, a positive attitude, and a positive self identity.

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” -William Londen

Our worth is so much greater than a thigh gap, or how crazy your exercise routine is during quarantine, or how gourmet your meals are, or how many extra things you are making your kids learn! If this crazy time has taught us anything, it would be that less is more. We should workout to feel better, to clear our mind, to work off stress, anxiety and worry. Not because we want to emulate someone we see on instagram or other social media. We should only do things because they make us feel better, because they empower us.

“Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
-World Health Organization, 1948

There are a lot of unknowns right now and we are disconnected from the outside world, so we scroll through social media and the news often, it is our link to others. Our feeds are clogged with perfectly curated photos of the people we follow in the cutest loungewear possible, with their hair perfectly done and their homes gleaming, but remember that the purpose of this edited to perfection image is to pull you in, make you follow and then have you as a targeted audience for their product marketing. Which is FINE, but don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself with a photoshopped, perfectly set up, filtered and edited photo!

“Whatever you did today is enough. Whatever you felt today is valid. Whatever you thought today isn't to be judged. Repeat the above each day.” -Brittany Burgunder

Everyday when you wake up, try to think of one thing you are grateful for, looking forward to and/or like about yourself. Start seeing yourself as an amazing miracle, not something vile or disgusting! We are as always blown away by your strength and fortitude, thank for allowing us to be part of your journey.

In health-SG



Griz75's picture
May 7, 2020

good read, it was something i needed to hear today so thanks.

Support Groups's picture
May 11, 2020

@Griz75 Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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