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I am constantly amazed by how resilient my children are. Today we picked up all their school supplies from school. due to social distancing we had to stay in our car, but we got to wave to their teachers. both past and present, and I will admit, I got teary. The kids were sad, they sent some texts to their teachers, but overall, they unpacked their bags, recycled way too much paper (sorry trees) and put together their folder of things to save for a time when they may want to look back or if they become famous and someone wants to see essays they wrote in elementary, I don’t know, we save things and they will probably recycle the whole box when they go to college. Don’t judge me!

The thing is, I want to be more like my kids, I want to be thrilled to pieces when someone brings them a meal and they are like, Wow, FREE FOOD and I tell them, “your whole life is free, how is this exciting?!!!” and they look at me like I just don’t get it, because hey, sushi from their grandmother during COVID-19 is just the stuff of miracles y’all. I want to be as excited as they are about ice cream or popsicles in the pool (they are foodies-again, don’t judge) and well, I just want to rekindle my awe and excitement that I must have had when I was a child!

Lately I have been thinking about how life is really amazing, my past wasn’t always so shiny and bright, but the life I have built for myself, while not perfect by any means, is exactly what I need and want it to be. This didn’t happen by magic, it happened because I had a plan and a partner who wanted the same things I did. I have seen bad marriages and what I have learned is when we go through bad and even rough patches we put in the work to make things go a lot smoother. I have learned bottling up your feelings and your emotions do nothing, your spouse isn’t a mind reader, so letting them know what is going on your head is actually kind of mind blowing to them because again, they aren’t privy to your thoughts!

The last couple of months have been tough, it is a lot of time together, it is a lot of entertaining the kids and trying to come up with stuff that isn’t technology related, but looking back, I am actually so grateful. We have walked more, worked out more, swam more...together, we have had weird and interesting conversations, we have fought and made up, we have helped one another with technology challenges, we have learned to be in each other’s presence and not want to kill one another! YAY!!! Gold stars all around for us all, because I am sure, much like us, you have grown and matured during this time. You have learned to do more with less, grown more compassionate, helped others, been made to be more patient with those you love or tolerate. Let’s continue to learn and grow from one another and to continue to support one another. In health-SG



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May 22, 2020

So good! Thank you!

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast-Alice in Wonderland

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