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Please Reset

For those of us in the age 30 and up category, our childhoods included trips to Blockbuster to rent VHS tapes that required you to rewind them once viewed (remember the slogan: “be kind, rewind”). It was the height of cool to have a tape rewinder, a machine where you could pop in this huge chunk of VHS plastic and in a few seconds, TA DA, rewound! We of a certain age can also remember when tv could not be paused or rewound. In the magical present where you can regularly pause and rewind a host of tv shows and movies, occasionally something goes wrong and everything freezes. Whenever that happens, we simply unplug the ROKU, replug it in and it magically resets. The joy of watching the letters R-O-K-U dance on screen while the system resets itself is its own brand of magic. Within a few seconds, whatever wasn’t working, now works again!

According to Merrium-Webster online, the word reset means:
to set again or anew
•reset type
•reset a diamond
•reset a circuit breaker
to change the reading of often to zero
•reset an odometer

Life doesn’t come with a handy remote where you can pause and reset it from the beginning or even a few hours in the past. Of course we dream about what we would do if only we could go back, no wonder shows and movies with a storyline that allows the characters to do just that are so popular! There are so many moments in our life where we wish we could have pushed the pause button and reset the scene. Every single time that we doubted ourselves or pushed our own needs aside to care for someone else, at the expense of our mental and physical health. Every time we allowed others to hurt or use us, every instance we thought we were less than because we didn’t measure up to an airbrushed and filtered image.

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.
-Marianne Williamson

Minus the possibility of a life remote, we are forced to either learn from our mistakes, or as it has been said, repeat them, often more than once, on our way towards learning a different way to operate. As we have said before in our many weekly blogs, self care is essential and not in the least bit selfish. Self care doesn’t have to look like a perfectly styled yoga session or even a day at the spa, it is about giving yourself the tools to create and live the life you want, #reset.

This was it. The reset she had been waiting for. But it didn’t happen as she had anticipated. It wasn’t luck or fate or a gift from the gods. It wasn’t circumstantial. It wasn’t handed down. It was earned. A thousand moments of self love that together formed the mountain she now stood upon, as she looked down upon the valley of opportunity she was finally ready to claim.
-Melody Godfred, Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers and Feelers

Living the life you want isn’t about obtaining perfection, it is about taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, it is about surrounding yourself IRL and online with people who cheer you on, not tear you down. It is about learning to accept your worth. Resetting your life is more than making a list of goals, it is about putting in the work to change your trajectory, getting rid of that which no longer serves you. It is about changing your attitude and learning to believe you are worth the effort.

Recognizing not only intellectually but psychologically and physically, through laughter, that we are not the only ones feeling such a range of emotions makes us feel less alone, provides a renewed sense of perspective, allows us to hit an emotional “reset” button and can relieve stress.
-Gina Barreca

Gina Barreca’s quote feels to us like an embodiment of what is all about. There is just this immediate feeling of community and belonging when you come across our site, the feeling that you are alone in whatever they are dealing with vanishes. There is such relief in knowing you are amongst friends and far from the only one feeling “this way.” In the days and weeks ahead, think about what is currently serving you well on your current path, as well as noting what is not. Post about your discoveries and share your thoughts. We only have one life to live (that we know about) so endeavor to live it greatly.

Wishing you all the very best,
Team SG

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