In a world where you can be anything be kind.

“In a world where you can be anything be kind.” -Unknown

This quote can be found on shirts, art, tattoos, hats, pillows (basically everything you can possibly buy on Etsy) and yet, we as humans, still haven’t gotten the memo. The killing and general prejudice of people who are different is nothing new and by different we mean anything that makes “you” not the same as “us.” That can be skin color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, voting practices, party affiliation, what your views on abortion are, sex before marriage…. We think you get the point. Personally, we think differences are what makes everyone interesting, having friends over or meeting up to get a drink (pre COVID-19 of course!!!) as an excuse just to talk about their life and our life and the similarities and glaring differences are what makes friendships worth having!

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” -Dalai Lama XIV

We ran for Amaud Abrey after watching him being shot down. We mourn for Breonna Taylor and now for George Floyd, the brutality is just mind boggling. But is it mind boggling or are we just more aware of these tragic deaths because we are a slave to refresh online during COVID? There are people and organizations who have been shouting these justice disparities for years and now through the power of the internet we are all SEEING IT, for us and a lot of people, maybe for the first time.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

We sit in a place of privilege here on, we get to write about things on the internet and hope we touch someone’s life. We get to inspire change because we write about things that touch everyone’s lives. Our site supports those who are grieving, who have lost loved ones, the murders of Amaud, Breonna George leave behind family that will mourn them until the end of their days. As a parent, as a human, as a person of faith, what is happening and will continue to happen until change is made, should make you weep and cry out.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

What can we do?
*Be a person who calls out hate
*Vote your conscience regardless if you are a Democrat or a Republican, vote on merit, period
*Teach your children to not judge anyone on the color of their skin, to recognize that hijabs, turbans, yarmulkes...are all just expressions of faith and not something to fear, that the LGBTQIA community is vibrant and worthy of respect and pride…
*Recognize that the Asian and Asian American community are NOT the cause of COVID-19, period, end of story
*Be a person of principle
*Recognize most of us have the same fears, hopes and aspirations, our differences are very few when we get to know one another

Sending our love to each of you. -SG


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When I first saw this I was traumatized. Angry, outraged etc.! I wanted to do something and I didn’t know what to do. I spent the rest of the week in a tailspin of pain and sadness. The insanity of watching a man being murdered on video and then the person who murdered him getting in his car and driving away, going home and sleeping in his own bed that night.
I love people. I wish it wasn’t like this. I do feel pretty powerless but I can use my voice and stand up for what I believe in. I do believe in justice for Floyd. I do believe in black lives matter. I do believe in equality for everyone. I’m praying for that and I will do my best to support the cause.

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Thought I would share this with the current situation happening around us.

"If you see any oppression of the poor and a violation of justice and righteousness in your district, do not be surprised about the matter. For that high official is being watched by one who is higher than he is and there are others who are still higher than them. " - King Solomon

The Bible offers a solution to injustice, corruption, and oppression. It describes a government that God has set up in heaven that will replace the failed political and economic systems that lead to protest. That government is God's Kingdom. A prophecy about the Ruler of this government says: “He will deliver the poor one crying for help, also the afflicted one and whoever has no helper. From oppression and from violence he will redeem their soul.”—Psalm 72:12, 14.

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@LollyNews The best we can do is be supportive, educate ourselves about the history of racism, and learn from African American leaders how we can be allies. -SG

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@MrTinMan If people followed the teachings of most any religion and saw everyone as their brothers and sisters, as equals, we would live in a place that would feel like a utopia. We have a lot to learn and we can start by supporting one another. Best-SG

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I'm very saddened by this, by all of this. I feel like it's not going to get any better. I also feel like the President is doing a horrible job. All of this is all organized...there's a bigger picture what that is I'm not entirely sure.

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So true, we are all brothers and sisters and we have to learn to love each other from the heart. I have always appreciated the words of the great teacher Jesus who said "You must love your neighbor as yourself" and "Treat others just as you want to be treated".

You see I used to be a demonstrator back in the 70's but I soon found that many of those protesting became violent and displayed the same anger and negative behavior that we were supposed to be stopping. So needless to say I left that approach behind and found what really worked and haven't looked back since.

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@PrettynPink29 It does feel very discouraging right now, read our newest blog that we just put up, we talk about how we can make change, but like all change it takes up being brave, it takes us going to the election booths for all elections and voting out people who are toxic, whose actions and words create division instead of unity. This is a time for us to love and support one another and demand that those who kill in the name of hate, be brought to justice. All the best-SG

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@MrTinMan Protesting definitely has its place, you are right, people are angry, but sometimes showing anger and demanding change which even Jesus did, is good and valid. All the best-SG

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What is happening in the US right now is absolutely tragic. Those of us living elsewhere definitely need to learn from your experience, and be thankful we don't have to deal with your perfect storm of circumstances. We hope you can find your way through this bad patch to better times in the future, for the benefit of all of us!

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What has been eye opening to me @buddhabob is how so many other countries are marching and sharing in solidarity with the US and also protesting police brutality in their country, such as France.

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast-Alice in Wonderland

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About 5 years ago now, last time I had an encounter with the police, I was arrested and held in jail for 16 hours. During that time after I was put in a suicide watch cell, I was not checked on once. I also needed an anti-seizure medication that I had not had an at least 36 hours because I had skipped a dose. It says on the bottle take 4 times a day. I was kicking on the door begging for my medication the whole time and they never gave it to me. I could hear them outside laughing. They never once checked on me and I was in the suicide watch cell and begging for medication.
I did have a seizure while I was in there. When I finally got out to make a phone call, I again begged for my medication and they laughed and said I didn’t need it. I’d be fine for a while. I had been fine for a while. It was now days and I already had a seizure. I couldn’t even talk at that point. Just shaking and they Thought it was funny. Didn’t care at all. Didn’t care to look at the bottle to see what it was for. And even if they did they still didn’t care because they never once checked on me or gave me my pill. As I was walking out the door, one of the police officers tapped me on the shoulder and said hey, and handed my bottle of medication to me. still laughing. It was sitting on one of the main desk in the lobby the whole time. And they just chose not to give it to me and laughed about it. If I had not gotten out of there when I did I would have died.

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Oh.. And it was just about police brutality. I am a white woman for reference.

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@LollyNews, things need to change, that was just cruel and we would think, illegal, but it seems that there are those in power that think they are above the law, we just feel sad and angry and lot of other emotions and look forward to upcoming elections where we can make our voice heard loud and clear. SG

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@buddhabob It is very enlightening to see how so many countries are marching along with the US, the inequality and injustice resonates across the world. Best-SG

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