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I Feel Anxious

Life is a series of steps, much like a dance, some in the right direction, others in the wrong direction, but around and around we go. At times it can feel like we are doing this whole life dance pretty well and other times, it can feel like maybe we should just get off the dance floor so to speak. The news is harsh, the weather is harsh, for some of us, our personal and professional lives seem harsh and to be honest, sometimes being positive and cheery is too much to ask of ourselves, let alone others. So we decided to focus this week’s blog on some stellar tips to try when life seems a little too scary, when we feel a little too anxious and our emergency stash of chocolate has already been consumed and we are down to eating semi sweet chocolate chips!

Take a step back
What is really going on? This is the question you should ask yourself when you are feeling incredibly anxious and overwhelmed, what is really going on in this situation? Am I tired, hungry, angry, do I need to rest, do I need a 5 minute time out? When we are dealing with a crying child we ask all those questions, we are trying to figure out what they really need, which begs the question, why don’t we as adults deserve the same courtesy?

To tell someone not to be emotional is to tell them to be dead.
-Jeanette Winterson

Figure out a game plan
Stop trying to sweep your feelings under a rug, they are valid, you are
allowed to feel sad, or mad, or anxious, you are allowed to feel. If you are constantly being told you are too much or you feel too much, that is your sign from on high that the person who is saying this is toxic or at the very least, unenlightened. If it is a boss, start sending out resumes, life is too short to work for a dictator. If you are dealing with a partner, let them know that what you are feeling is for you to feel and for them to support and comfort, if they can’t or won’t, then bigger decisions need to be considered, such as couples therapy or some well placed self help books.

But feelings can't be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.
-Anne Frank

Process what you are feeling
Sometimes when we are anxious, the fear becomes unbearable and our thoughts tend to spiral. You may begin to think: this is it, this is never going to stop, these thoughts keep coming-so they must be true, it is never going to get better. It can feel like you are stuck in a room without windows or doors, but even at its very worst you have the power to stop the spiraling. Repeat mantras such as: I am worthy, I am powerful, I am strong, I am going to make it. These mantras may not seem like much, but the power comes from saying them, over and over until YOU start believing them. We only fear what we believe, so how can we feel powerless when we know and acknowledge our own incredible strength?!

In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.
-Mitch Albom

Take next steps
Counseling, therapy, AA and support groups can be amazingly helpful when dealing with all the myriad issues life throws our way. Medication can be helpful as well, it is best to discuss this option with your doctor and press them to take the time to discuss all your options, what the side effects can be and what is their plan if the first medication doesn’t work well for you. Doctors don’t always have a lot of time to spend talking with you, so it is always a good idea to do some research beforehand and have your questions recorded on your phone or written down.

You can have regret from yesterday, fear tomorrow, but peace today by sharing your heart’s deepest feelings. A life spent being fearful of showing your soul is a life not worth living.
-Shannon Alder

As always, thank you dear supporters for your time, your patience and your support. We are continually in awe of you and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

All the best,
Team SG

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