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Giving yourself permission to be imperfect

There is a lot of unaccounted for time in our daily schedules due to the pandemic, a lot of the extras of our life have been cut out, so why do we feel so incredibly exhausted and overwhelmed? The stress of our daily life seems very present, but in a new way. Before, we worried about getting everything done, work/life balance, if we should try the new Thai restaurant that just opened up, should we go to the movies or grab a drink with friends, now it is, should we go out to the grocery store and risk getting COVID? Additionally, school is opening back up soon and we are further pushed to worry, do we keep our kids home and risk their emotional and social development (6 months at home and yes, it is hard to keep them happy and engaged) or send them out into the germy world and see them happy again, surrounded by friends and learning from a real person, not a screen?

“Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing.”
- Emma Donoghue

It is important to remember that living through a pandemic is stressful and scary and it isn’t a vacation, even if we find ourselves with extra time to fill. For most of us, we use up all this extra time with extra worry, because our issues, both physical and mental didn’t go away on vacation, they stuck tight with us during these past several months. Everything that was hard and challenging, became even more challenging and therefore, we need that extra time to rest and escape our minds and our fears.

“I wonder if fears ever really go away, or if they just lose their power over us.” -Veronica Roth

Take time to be "not okay" to be imperfect, it sounds revolutionary, but it isn’t! We are all so anxious to be "normal" and normal is actually just a varying scale of happy, to somewhere in the middle, to “life really sucks.” We have to be honest with ourselves and know when we are struggling, when it is time to call in help, when it is time to take our medication and when it is time to go in the bathroom and just find a moment of quiet in a house that is full all the time!

“I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.” -Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift fears being average, so us mere mortals better just sit ourselves down and be A-OK with being healthy, aware and average. We are doing our best, we are fighting for our health, our mental health, our happiness, the health and happiness of our family, we are balancing stress and work and making dinner. We are superstars, far from mediocre and pretty darn amazing!

In Heath-SG

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