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Give yourself credit for the person you have become

It seems like years have passed since March, but unbelievably we are only in month 5 of the pandemic (here in the United States). Having almost reached the six month mark, it got us thinking, have we accomplished enough, done enough, but then we remind ourselves that we survived the day and happily slink off to bed with a good book and hope for a vaccine to be created tomorrow! It feels like the days slowly go by, but the weeks and months have gone by quickly, odd how that works right?! Never would we have ever thought that we would buy cute masks to match our clothes and order in groceries to avoid excessive germs and human interaction. God we miss people!

“You have to give yourself credit, not too much because that would be bragging.”-Frank McCourt

As July slowly wraps up and we enter month 6 of the pandemic, let’s look back on some of the goals you might have set for your time in self isolation. You might not have accomplished any of them, personally we set some organization/catch up goals that we are only ever so slowly starting to get a crack on. In our heads, it seemed like we would have all this extra time and energy to pour into our long list of to-do’s. Turns out social distancing doesn’t make you Martha Stewart, or maybe some of you have become super efficient, but it just made our to do list gather dust while we did make a rather nice dent in our reading recommendations! Whatever you did or did not accomplish, guess what, it is totally okay, getting up, doing your best and putting one foot in front of the other is worthy of celebration!

“The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.” -Martha Stewart

Here are some tips on giving yourself the credit you deserve and for allowing yourself grace when you fail to meet your own standards:

*Eating well and exercising are on almost everyone’s list, but they are hard goals for almost everyone. With a lot of us either working from home or working ridiculous hours as front line workers (we see you heroes!), fitting in time to workout seems trivial at best, but staying physically healthy helps keep us mentally healthy. Set aside a time in the morning for a run, walk, bike, swim, yoga, something that gets you outside, it may seem pointless, but exercise equals endorphins, which trigger us to feel happy and positive, it is literally a happy pill all wrapped up in sweaty package, enjoy!

*Set aside time to get support, log on to our site and just share what is going on, what you are dealing with, things that are bothering you, like pre-teens, too much togetherness, frustration with pain and diagnoses, dealing with toxic family when there is no place to escape, basically if you are dealing with it, we have a group for you!

*Make time for self care, our previous go to’s may not be available, therapy, an exercise class, going for a haircut, even shopping around Target (can I get an AMEN?), isn’t always safely available. We kind of have to get creative, find a quiet place and time to do therapy via telemedicine, hire a babysitter you can trust so you and your partner can go on a walk or even eat take out in a park, have some me time with a face mask, a glass of bubbly (alcoholic or not), a nice box of chocolates, even if this time can only be carved out after the kids go to bed.

*Set aside guilt, most of us aren’t going to exit the pandemic speaking a new language, sporting a new six pack or really anything of major note, we are going to have hunkered down and survived. We might have learned a new craft, a new recipe, maybe we even found a great therapist or doctor that finally listens (if so, LUCKY YOU!!!!), but regardless of any of this, pat yourself on the back for being amazing, resilient and brave. These are scary times and you are basically rocking life at the moment!

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

Just remember, we are all trying our best, even though life is really hard right now and things look bleak, if we all do our best to improve ourselves, our families and the world, we are leaving a legacy that anyone would be proud of.

All the best-
Team SG

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