Getting up, even when you don’t want to

Every weekday morning, unless I am on vacation or really, really sick, I am up before 5:30, some days I unexpectedly bounce out of bed, other days I turn off the alarm and feel like I was yanked out of the abyss and I lay there wondering what planet I am currently residing on. I get up because I have made working out before my kids get up, and the morning rush starts, a priority. Fitting in exercise after work and school just doesn’t fit into my schedule right now and let’s be honest, I barely have the bandwidth to make dinner most nights, so I have to fit it in when my brain doesn’t have the caffeine to fight me on it!

“Humanity runs on coffee.” -Unknown

The life we live isn’t something most people would want to read about in a book or see portrayed in a movie, our Social Media feeds are edited and touched up so even the least of us seem interesting, I mean, find a good wall to pose by and BAM, you have Instagram gold! I am not mocking social media here, I mean even us at SG play the social media game, but I am pointing out that life isn’t glamorous, it is mostly about trying to put one foot in front of the other without tripping over your own $#&$%% feet!

“A man (or Woman) who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”
-Charles Darwin **edit is SG’s**

Everyday we have a choice, today we will make the most of the day or we can rue the day we were born. We all have those days where lying under the covers would just be so nice, work, doctor’s appointments, deadlines, schedules, overdue notices, they are overwhelming, but manageable if we change our focus. In order for each day to seem possible we need to wake up with that message screaming forth in our brain! “Today is possible, I am possible, I can do this, I am stronger than ____________ and I will be the bada$$ I was meant to be!” Come up with your own wake up mantra or feel free to use ours, because unless you can afford your own pep squad to motivate you every morning, your internal mantra is your go to.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” -Stephen Hawking

Mantras for your day:

*Today is our day! *
Why is today your day, because you woke up and claimed it, the power of positive thinking is real, no you most likely can’t clean up a room just by wanting it to be clean (Mary Poppins where are you when we need you the most?) but you can change the outcome of your day, and therefore your life, by having a profound mental shift from “today is terrible because everyday of my whole miserable life has sucked” to “today is going to be different, I will make it different by making small changes everyday to make the outcome and the needle move in the direction I want it to.”

*I am capable! *
Children aren’t born thinking they can’t, they are told they can’t, we are all born blank canvases, but we are molded by our environment and the voices of those who raise us to think in a certain way, this is not to say you can’t break away from unhealthy patterns, but how we are raised does have an impact. No matter how your early life and/or current life is, today can be day one for incredible growth, today can be a new beginning if you wish it to be.

*Failure is an option! *
We are taught from an early age that failure is not acceptable, been to a kid’s sporting event lately, they give trophies to EVERYONE. I don’t even know what to do with these things, so they currently reside in my children’s bathroom (I think this right here is parenting gold). Here’s the thing people, we are going to fail and do it spectacularly, but it is how you react to these failures that will plot your path towards success. Demi Lovato is a beautiful example of this, "I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction," per her Instagram account. "What I've learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time. It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet."

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” -Oprah Winfrey

Today is your day beautiful people, make it a great one! -Team SG


Dearly Beloved, Prince

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