Feeling Blah

How is everyone doing lately? I will admit to not feeling very cheery lately, I have been glued to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook like a fiend, I have been digesting all this information on, to begin with, one of my ultimate favorite actors as a kid, Bill Cosby. I watched the Bill Cosby show every week, I loved it, it was a brilliant show, Doctor marries a Lawyer, the show was heaven. Then all these brave women stood up and said, Bill Cosby is a rapist, and this image of a grieved father and brilliant actor sort of crumbled and you see these faces of women who he drugged and raped and you feel in your own way, like you were sold a lie, that another person you thought was “good” was very, very flawed.

Then we move on to Catholic priests, I can remember the last time this happened and the Pope promised to clean house so to speak, well, there are some pretty unclean rooms left, because scores of victims are standing up and saying that decades ago their religious leaders took advantage of them, raped them and just kept doing it until again, brave men and women stood up and said, ENOUGH.

Now, the Supreme Court of America is vetting President Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and 3 women, all of which have so much to loose by coming forward, have bravely stood up and said, this man’s moral compass is off course, that he assaulted them, or was part of the crowd that assaulted them and countless others; reading their sworn statements is a knife to the heart. Then you have countless people in politics and in the news that seem to think that Rape jokes are okay and are questioning why it took so long for these women to come forward and I just want to howl with rage.

This morning we put this on Instagram:
“...We are taught from a young age that we can trust adults, that people who are called by God are to be trusted and looked up to, because we are told, #boyswillbeboys, so we tolerate the brushups, the feelups, the harassment and we blame ourselves when it becomes attacks and rape. People don't report because rapists get off, we are telling a whole generation of boys and girls that when a Supreme Court Justice is being vetted, that when they are accused of doing horrible things to women, that because he was young, or a virgin, or drunk, that it was ok.
IT IS NOT OKAY! IT IS NEVER OKAY! Anytime you need to pour your heart out, we are here.” -Team SG

To those who are survivors of assault, rape and sexual harassment, our hearts hurt for you, because we know without a doubt how triggering all this is. But we want everyone to know a few things we have taken from the last week or so. Survivors are standing up in droves and making the people who made their life hell pay for their sins. The punishments are hard fought for, and the fight is far from over, but it is a worthy battle with brave Women and Men fighting for justice.

“One by one she slew her fears, and then planted a flower garden over their graves.”
-John Mark Green

Some things you can do to help:
1. If you yourself have been raped or sexually assaulted
*Make sure you take a lot of breaks from reading everything on Social Media and listening to the news, it can be highly triggering.
*Schedule an appointment with your counselor or therapist, a lot of issues you might have felt you dealt with,
may start cropping up again, triggers will do that.
*Consider sharing your story in a way that is comfortable to you, anonymous or otherwise, but what the #metoo movement has shown is that bravery, begets bravery.

2. Call your Senators
*If you feel that Kavanaugh should not be a Supreme Court Justice, let your Senator know,
there are scripts you can find online if you are nervous about cold calling.

3. Vote
*General elections are November 6th, 2018 in the United States.
*Write out what you want in your elected officials, decide what is important and then do your homework!
Register to vote, the last day to register is quickly approaching so if you haven’t already, please do so.

“Voting is a civic sacrament.” -Theodore Hesburgh

Thank you for always being our inspiration and our reason for doing what we do. This moment in history will show countless girls and boys that there are good people out in the world willing to fight the tough and ugly battles and then when bad things happen, there are consequences.

All the best-Team SG

Mr Rogers


Jennipain's picture

Seems like when you turn on TV lately its just all bad stuff. I have gotten to the point I don't watch TV anymore unless it's NATGO seems like the only happy station to go to. We need more happy and positive people in this world and stop the negative.

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