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All the feels

I find that Summertime is often the busiest time of year in my house, it is a long, long school break filled with many activities to juggle, which often makes time management a little precarious. I have multiple alerts on my phone to make sure everyone gets where they need to be and this morning I found myself eating a gluten free waffle in the car while driving one of my kids to camp (only at red lights by the way, I try to keep 2 hands on the wheel for safety). We do what we have to do to make sure our kids are safe and happy and I think that is why this issue with kids being taken away from their parents at the border is hitting me so hard. I love my kids, they annoy me too, I am not one of those people who think their kids are perfect, not by a long shot, but they are mine and if they disappear for a minute I automatically think the worst.

My family only came to this country, the United States, a few generations ago, they came because of religious persecution and sought a country that would let them practice their religion and customs without fear. Things were better here than from where they came from, but just a generation later, they were barred from joining certain social clubs, or going to certain hotels because of signs that read: No Blacks, Jews or Dogs allowed.

So what is happening in Texas feels personal, because of who I am as a person, because of who I am as a parent, who I am as an American and as someone who works on the team that makes up, a site that accepts anyone, from any country, completely free from fees, because our aim is to provide a place where ANYONE can get support, the reality of what is going on is a hard truth to swallow.

"People come here penniless but not cultureless. They bring us gifts. We can synthesize the best of our traditions with the best of theirs. We can teach and learn from each other to produce a better America." -Mary Pipher

It is hard not to have feelings about what is going on lately in the news, I often feel like social media, that once was my fluffy, fun place to tune out the real world is very REAL lately. As I am writing this, I see on Twitter that President Trump has apparently signed an executive order stating that families will no longer be separated while keeping the “zero tolerance” prosecution in place. This means that those who come illegally into the US will still be subject to criminal charges, meaning that they will be arrested and as to their children...?

"No one leaves home unless / home is the mouth of a shark."
-Warsan Shire

Most of us, unless we are Native, didn’t originate here, most of us are part of a family who immigrated in the last century or so, we love Pizza and Pasta from Italy, we adore Dolmas, Lamb Kebabs, Pita and Greek Yogurt from Greece, Spicy Curries, savory rice, Naan and Chai from India and the list goes on, we love the food, we enjoy the cultural experiences, opera, dances, music, but we have become fearful of the actual immigrants themselves. There are so many things that are the same if we get to know one another. Just about every city has multiple organizations that work with immigrants, volunteer your time, host a family for dinner, host a family for a “real American experience” which probably translates to sports for most people (that is what pops into my head anyway).

In our own way we can do something and that is to love one another, show kindness and compassion to someone who looks different than you do, who worships differently than you do, who wears a wig(sheitel) or hijab, who eats different foods or speaks another language. From personal experience, it is amazing and differences melt away very quickly.
“Your enemy is not the refugee. Your enemy is the one who made him a refugee." -Tariq Ramadan

As always, we thank you for being a part of our site.
All the best- Team SG

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