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Learning to be okay with uncertainty

We live in an uncertain world, we like to think that there are certain givens, such as safety, but the truth is, and it grieves us to even admit this, that isn’t always the case. As we are seeing with the Measles outbreak, people feel they are smarter than scientists and don’t vaccinate, putting babies, elderly and those with immune issues at great risk. We are seeing people go to worship at their Mosque, Temple and Churches and never come home. We see children go off to school and never return.

Blink, and another week is gone!

Weeks seem to crawl at times and other times they seem to speed by, we are so often looking to get through until the next thing on the horizon we can look forward to. The next project, the next paycheck, the next sports game we get to watch, attend or play, the next date, the next appointment, the next breakthrough...we so often can’t seem to be content with today.

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