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6 months into 2020, what a wild ride of a year thus far!!!

To all our amazing members, welcome to Thursdays where we put our newest thoughts, ramblings, support, wisdom and questions here in our blog. We are almost 6 months into 2020, a year that seemed so full of promise and innovation and then it rose up and slapped us upside the head, and in came a word most of us had only mouthed when watching a movie or reading a book, Pandemic. Now if you are like us, reading is a true joy, we enjoy a lot of genres and we have read many, many books about pandemics and their ability to spread across the world like red wine on a white couch, but never, EVER, did we think we would live through one. But living is what we are all trying to do, with a pinch of normalcy, a whole lot of anxiety and a stiff upper lip dealing with working from home, schooling from home and just being HOME, a LOT!

“It is a strange time, my dear.
A novel virus haunts our streets.
Days feel like weeks,
weeks like months.
We’re blasted with new news every second—
yes and then no and then yes and no,
feeding our primal panic
to hoard goods and leave shelves
breadless, riceless.
They tell us the pandemic
makes all equal—the poor and very rich—
then why are the poor poorer
and the rich profiting?”
-Kamand Kojouri

All of the worries and issues we have dealt with before the pandemic hit haven’t just gone away, it is still there, the pain, physical and emotional, the physical and mental health issues, still there. The only thing different is how we deal with things in an age where going out and seeing a doctor is quite the experience, masks, temperature checks, calling in before you go other words we are doing the best we can with the resources we have, but this time in history has been a challenge.

“The coronavirus pandemic is going to be the biggest event of our lifetime. Bigger than 9/11. As if 9/11 happened in every city on earth at the same time.” -Oliver Markus Malloy

We are far from seeing the pandemic end, we should all still be using masks, washing our hands and working on being good humans. We are going through a health pandemic and an overwhelming clamor for social change, police accountability, a call to end systemic racism...ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Y’all it is a lot, but you know what, we are strong enough to bring about change in our lives, to correct our way of thinking about race and racism, we are strong enough to bring about change by listening to and learning from those who know, the only ones qualified to be our teachers in this, Men and Women of Color. When you are sick you go to a doctor, when you are mentally struggling you see a therapist, when the racism that is so deeply woven into our society is called out by people of all races, genders and religion, well then you go to the source and you listen. You listen to the plethora of brilliant Men and Women of Color who KNOW what they are talking about and they KNOW what will fix the problem and they have the solutions, this is a moment in time where we step back and LISTEN.

“Never be content to sit back and watch as others' rights are trampled upon. Your rights could be next.”
-DaShanne Stokes

No matter the color of your skin, who you love, what gender you are, if you are LGBTQIA, no matter the religion you espouse, where you were born, the accent you are amazing, we see you and we support you. A certain someone says we should make America great Again, well, anyplace is amazing because you are in it, because you are trying, because you are learning, because you are brave enough to say, “teach me, help me, support me, I don’t know everything and I want to learn.”

All the best-SG



CKBlossom's picture
Jun 12, 2020

Thank you SG, what a tragic year it has been so far, may we learn and grow from all the tragedy and only move forward.

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast-Alice in Wonderland

Support Groups's picture
Jun 15, 2020

@CKBlossom We have to move forward towards unity! -SG

Support Groups's picture
Jun 15, 2020

@mark19631 That is not where we were going with this, it seems to us that the Government hasn't done enough, but we respect your rights to have a differing opinion. We are sorry you haven't gotten your stimulus money, have you been able to check online why you haven't received yours and whether there is a way to rectify the issue? All the best-SG

Mosaic's picture
Jun 15, 2020

I have heard that the remaining checks to be disbursed are deliberately being held up by the NOTUS just to be cruel. And, watch out, some funds are being sent out in the form of DEBIT CARDS that are EZ to mistake 4 JUNK MAIL. The IRS site has proven useless to me in tracking my check. Nothing but "can't find your info at this time" type responses. Phoning them is you and 10 million other Americans hanging by our fingernails. I feel for you on the transportation issue, too. I have a car, but a few of my friends don't, and now I can't even offer them the grocery and other runs I used to do for them at least 2-3 times a week between my three carless friends. I live with OLD people and can't risk the possible contact with virus. I've relied on city buses to do everything for years when my daughter was first born, and again when she was in high school. It's such a pain hauling groceries on a bus, plus walking home from the stop! I don't know how the young families are managing now, it's terrible. However hard it is, catching Covid will be far, far harder, and perhaps, fatal for you and your loved ones. Maybe it's not surging in your part of the country yet, but it's almost 100% that it will get there. Pandemics aren't new; it's real; it's killing people and even those who "recover" I understand from professionals in the medical field, will suffer with diminished health permanently, so, erring on the side of caution can't hurt, while ignoring the reality could hurt bad, and/or be fatal. Hang in there! We are not being walked to our deaths in blizzards and starvation: we are in our homes, with running water, bathrooms, stoves, refrigerators, beds, warmth, TV, internet. I follow the real news on Twitter via trusted sources, so I see a lot of good things are coming out of all of this strife, though sadly, some surging in Covid will attend all the gatherings of people. We can deal with this; we have to. It didn't hurt my feelings that you ranted about it, though! Plenty to rant about! I'd like to scream and cuss about a few things myself...
Love, Mosaic

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