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I am constantly amazed by how resilient my children are. Today we picked up all their school supplies from school. due to social distancing we had to stay in our car, but we got to wave to their teachers. both past and present, and I will admit, I got teary.


Maybe we were made for this time in history...

Yesterday was the first time in over 2 months that going out of the house involved a trip that didn’t entail food. The big outing was a doctor visit, but hey, it was kind of nice to drive somewhere other than to pick up groceries. The masks are hard to get used to, frontline workers are heroes on so many levels, being able to breathe and not pass out wearing a mask should now be on the top of the list of super hero skills!


Self Worth

Self worth, body positivity, health food, drink lots of water, eat your veggies, eat lots of green things, exercise...the amount of health buzzwords are immense, the amount of headlines while we are isolating due to the Corona Virus is just exhausting! Adelle, the Mega Amazing Singer, released a photo on her birthday showing an astounding weight loss, and all the power to her, but honestly the comments were just a little too much. Like she wasn’t gorgeous before?


Where we are at.

We are writing this week while eating our lunch of yogurt, fruit and granola (which the fancy may call parfait) which we assure you is not fancy at all, because we are eating it out of the yogurt container. The big, family share one, because this is where we are at and honestly we do not want to wash another dish and this one will need washing anyway, because we will most likely reuse it. We have turned into a reuse, recycle queen.


Self Care, tools to managing our Physical and Mental Health

I will be honest, all this togetherness is rough. It just seems like an endless cycle of need from my family, which is hard, because sometimes, even though I am an adult, I would like to be cared for too. Self care is an important tool in my toolbox when it comes to managing my Anxiety and part of my routine is alone time.



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