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National Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and every year around this time we think, are we doing enough, are we helping in this crisis and honestly, it never seems to be enough. We mourn every time we see a post where someone feels that they aren’t worthy enough, or strong enough, or brave enough to go on. There is such a fallacy that is spread regarding suicide, that those who commit suicide are cowards. Far from it, they were warriors that just couldn’t fight anymore.

“Soak up the views. Take in the bad weather and the good weather. You are not the storm.” -Matt Haig

Taking the time to check in with ourselves

We have made it to September! For those of us in the United States that means we have made it through six months of a Pandemic. Here is a quick recap: March, April, May and June, masks are the new fashion accessory, the Virtual School nightmare begins and plays out, Stay at Home Orders, doing every DIY project known to man or woman, you probably developed Insomnia, learned a whole lot of new recipes, senseless killings were perpetrated, and protests started.


Will we finally be the generation that says, “ENOUGH!” and finally does something?

Lovelies, another week, another shooting of an unarmed Black Man, more protests, more school at home, more hate, more violence...when does it all end? Exhaustion doesn’t even come close to describing how our soul aches. None of this is new, but all this senseless hate and violence should be relegated to dusty history shelves by now, not playing in real time on our screens.

Giving yourself permission to be imperfect

There is a lot of unaccounted for time in our daily schedules due to the pandemic, a lot of the extras of our life have been cut out, so why do we feel so incredibly exhausted and overwhelmed? The stress of our daily life seems very present, but in a new way. Before, we worried about getting everything done, work/life balance, if we should try the new Thai restaurant that just opened up, should we go to the movies or grab a drink with friends, now it is, should we go out to the grocery store and risk getting COVID?

Give yourself credit for the person you have become

It seems like years have passed since March, but unbelievably we are only in month 5 of the pandemic (here in the United States). Having almost reached the six month mark, it got us thinking, have we accomplished enough, done enough, but then we remind ourselves that we survived the day and happily slink off to bed with a good book and hope for a vaccine to be created tomorrow! It feels like the days slowly go by, but the weeks and months have gone by quickly, odd how that works right?!


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