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Taking care of our Mental and Physical Health during a Pandemic

Sometimes it seems like we are in the middle of a weird end of times biopic. Movies and TV shows are like viewing a historical record, OMG, people are touching, they are shaking hands, they are kissing each other's cheek, no masks, crowds, concerts, dining out, it all seems like a beautiful dream! Reality on the other hand seems stark at best, but like the adaptable people we are, we press on. No Trick or Treating seems utterly bonkers, but so does catching or spreading COVID-19 over getting free candy. Reality is way more scary than a Haunted House ever was or will ever be!

Happy Tears, Sad Tears, Tears abound in 2020

What a wild ride 2020 has been. It seems like there were way more downs than ups, but just when you are completely convinced that there is no way 2020 can look up, there is. You see something online that makes you tear up. It used to be that we only teared up at Hallmark commercials, but now it is political ads and news stories. We have become soft in our adult years and our eyes seem to leak a lot lately.

Where is the pause button?

Isn’t it striking that whenever you scroll through social media the posts always seem to be encouraging you to try something new, to be thinner, to use this vitamin, to sign up for this diet program, to be more socially conscious, to be more involved, to try this type of yoga, to meditate, but only using the ____ method, vote for this person, don’t vote for this person, do this, not that, eat this, not that, accept your flaws, don’t except your flaws-fix them, change them!!!!!

Tired and overwhelmed in 2020

Who else has been feeling tired and overwhelmed, like 2020 has been going on for about 20 years or so? As much as we tout self care as a means to deal with Stress, Anxiety and our overall mental health, so much of our regular routine has gone out the window. Haircuts, pedicures, massages, yoga, getting together with friends, it seems like all our little luxuries are just a memory. But then we discovered state parks!

Halloween isn't the only scary thing this year

We don’t know if it is because of COVID and the fear that Halloween will be cancelled, but people are already decorating for Halloween and we are all for it! Bring on the early pumpkins even if we are still wearing shorts and killing mosquitoes, because honestly, Halloween is the BEST time of the year! Anytime people hand out chocolate is a GREAT DAY! Dressing up, seeing kids happy, fun makeup, decorations, and carving pumpkins makes us so happy.


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