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We didn't see that coming!

Never did we ever think that finding eggs in a grocery store would be like winning the lottery! That grocery stores in general are struggling to fill their shelves and it looks like a game of Supermarket Sweeps just finished. Never did we think that staples like milk would be something we would have to track down for our elderly neighbors, who couldn’t get any through their curbside delivery. Never did we think that waiting to enter a grocery store would involve a line worthy of a music venue, so the number of people inside would be kept to a minimum.

We will survive Camp Corona!

We are not sure what day of self isolation we are on, we just know we are surviving, thriving...well we feel a little like a plant who hasn’t been watered. We miss people and the daily schedule of our lives, but in a way, it is really rather nice. All the things to do, gone, going to bed early, YES PLEASE! Reading books, running, yoga, garage workouts, check mark, getting support on the site, ESSENTIAL, coffee, HELL YES!

The monster in the room and its name is coronavirus

The coronavirus is something we hear more about than any other topic, more than the election, more than gossip, just MORE. We get updates from schools, the gym, city officials, friends, family...hand sanitizer is being hoarded, masks are being bought up, mass panic is starting to set in and we are over here thinking, if we got this riled up about just about anything else, we could change the world.

We can do hard things!

The news really, really, really is at an all time low, I mean, if I wanted to hear people yelling and arguing, I can listen to my children tell me why they don’t need showers or to eat green beans. I do not need to listen to adults scream over one another about how they are going to do things better than our current President, or our current President yelling and calling everyone names because he doesn’t want to give up his Throne, I mean Presidency.

What 2020 has taught us thus far!

2020 seems momentous, like we have reached some sort of eerie Sci-Fi pinnacle of life. There is so much technology out there that I can find out what is happening inside my dishwasher, while it is running! I have no idea why I need to know that, but from an app, I can literally get an update on what quadrant is currently being cleaned. Why I would ever need to know that is beyond me, but my friends, this is where we are at in the year 2020.


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