This is the first time I have ever joined an online support


This is the first time I have ever joined an online support group, but lately I feel there really isn't too many people I can talk to about my sexuality. My family is very conservative and Christian and completely against LGBTQ people, so I never want to tell them. I am a woman married to a man, but feel that monogamy isn't working for me, because I feel I am falling in love with one of my friends. My husband knows I am obsessed with her and he says he would be totally ok if I had sex with her as long as I come home to him. I don't know if she is also bisexual, but it seems she has been dropping subtle hints that she might like me, but at the same time she seems shy and overwhelmed with her new job and new house. I want to come out to her and try to figure out if she is also bisexual and has feelings for me, but I also don't want to overwhelm her. I think it would be best to start with coming out to her but maybe not tell her I have feelings for her yet. Anyone have advice on how to come out to her without making it super obvious that I like her?

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Nov 13

In the long run do you really see this working out, the whole open marriage thing?

Nov 14

To be honest I could see it working, if this particular friend of mine feels the same for me and is comfortable with the idea. My husband has been very supportive and I have been very open and honest with my feelings. I feel like I am in a place in my marriage where I feel very secure with my husband too. I think my biggest worry is my friend and how she feels and worries that what if she doesn't want the same thing? Or maybe she does but she is single right now and I worry what her future husband would think. I know plenty of guys who would probably be ok with it literally every guy I dated in the past thought it was awesome that I am bisexual and loved watching me with other girls, but the uncertainty worries me.


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