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This guy kissed me on the cheek at school yesterday.. he did

This guy kissed me on the cheek at school yesterday.. he did get my consent. Now my friend thinks that it is sexual harassment and if he does it again she said that I have to tell her.. but if he does that today I am not going to tell her, she said she would go to guidance. I don't know how to feel about it.

jennybo78's picture
Mar 12

My advice is to not let the boy do it again, especially if you doubt ur control to abstain from telling her. The last thing that boy needs is a sexual harrassment charge against him. All of you should simply focus on doing good in school and leave the kissing and etc for later in life.

Mar 12

You should tell your friend that you gave consent, that it was okay for him to do that. She will probably understand, especially if you are not upset.

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Mar 14

@Emma490 thank you for your advice I will definitely do that


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