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I'm 44 and recently i have been sttuggling with my sexuality

I'm 44 and recently i have been sttuggling with my sexuality. When I have sex with a woman, i am just not aroused. I think I might be bisexual or even gay. How do I know for sure?

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Jan 22

I have start to wear bras at work. The more i think about it and remember as a kid, being a female is the one thing that i have truly desired. I want to go out into public as a female everyday. I know it is a long process and a major change.

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Jan 24

@Kilzar613 I have those same feelings a lot. have done cross-dressing before and really enjoy it.

Jan 25

I have been doing cross dressing just about everyday. I love the feeling and i do feel like a woman. I am also looking into medical insurance in order to start the process.


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