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I am feeling so many emotions right now. Im happily married

I am feeling so many emotions right now. Im happily married yo my hubby. We have great sex but i have a very strong desire to be eith a woman and my hubby at the same time. I feel like i am on an emotional roller coaster.

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Griz75's picture
Dec 2

@Daisy19781 so it is a problem? Have you discussed how you will fulfill your desires?

Dec 3

I was looking for a question, having some experience here. If you have one? Happy to try and help.

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Dec 3

The only advice I would offer is to carefully consider how you would feel with another woman "interacting" with your husband. My wife and I are both bi and have been married for ~20 yrs. She told me several years ago that she wanted to be with me and another woman in a threesome. I was perfectly ok with it. I want her to explore her desires as much as I want to explore my own. What I did not expect, was the reaction she had when we actually set something up. She found the woman and started things rolling. There was no sex between the other woman and I, however my wife got extremely jealous and the memory of that experience still haunts her today. I think she was so interested in exploring that she never really stopped to consider how she would feel if another woman touched me or if I touched another woman. Her jealousy of course didn't stop there. We later had a threesome with another guy and she still couldn't stand me touching him, or him touching me. Needless to say, it greatly impacted our relationship and intimacy.

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