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I am an older man who has considered himself straight but th


I am an older man who has considered himself straight but the past couple of years have had thoughts of a same sex experience for several reasons. I had one experience when I was in my early 20's but dismissed it as something that just happened and forgot about it for years but now find I enjoyed the experience even though it wasn't much. I've been struggling with my thoughts, feelings and desires lately so thought I'd join this group as I feel weird about it and being older and coming across this at this time of my life. I'd love to talk to someone knowledgeable but not sure where to find it.

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Aug 14

Very right. I can pinpoint where my bi-sexual feelings come from. Sleepover with neighborhood friend, sleeping in the same bed and waking up to him stroking against. One thing led to another and I haven't been straight since.

Aug 14

@boduke185 You're spot on for accepting the realization you have a bi side, most of us do. At the same time it's not an indication that something is wrong or went wrong as is sometimes implied. Like you and most other guys I played around as a youth and I enjoyed it !. I'd love to be doing that this minute but alas I digress.
I haven't heard whether you're married or not but if so I don't advise any dalliances without having a frank discussion with her. Cheating , even playing with the guys is still a form of cheating so I never support that idea.
Whatever you do play safely .

Aug 14

@Guzpla2 that is so interesting to hear and I'm just now learning it's not as unusual as I thought for youths to commingle in that way.. Here I thought we were unusual in that way. He and I still chat (youth friend) the one that helped wake bi side in me, but takes two to tango of course. Yes cheating on my wife was hard to deal with. Post neighbor, I've only had 4 encounters with other men. 2 before marriage and 2 after, none of which have been emotional. 2 after marriage definitely wanted more of a consistent connection, but that was too much risk and the guilt would be overbearing I know.. It's been a couple years since then.. I really really really want to again though.. Can't help it. Discipline sucks :)


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