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Hi, I have a question and I hope someone can give me a good


Hi, I have a question and I hope someone can give me a good answer. I understand same sex attraction and relationships. So i get the L and the G. I am not sure about the T, but I can deal with that. I think being Q means your are one of the other letters. BUT, if you are a bisexual, can you ever lead a joyous life in a monogamous relationship? Someone told me that bisexuals can be in a monogamous relationship, because they are able to basically turn off the desire for whatever the other sex is. If that is true, it seems as if they are either straight (i don't use cis because it's silly) or they are gay. SO if it's true that Bisexual people cannot have a monogamous relationship, because they will always be looking for the opposite of what they have, that is truly a choice (My name is Bill and I am married to Jill, but i really want to screw Chuck and Dave and any guy. Oh, and I want to screw Anna too). I think using the B in LGBT is an insult to people who identify as one of the other letters. What "rights" are denied to bisexuals? If i am a man married to a woman, but I desire guys as well, would i be denied employment? I truly don't get it. Can someone help me?

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Apr 20

@sry I am not arguing, I am only trying to understand. How could I possibly know? I don't know. that was the reason for my post. I did find this article in psychology today

In the article this paragraph confirmed my suspicion, but I am not 100% convinced either way.

What these findings do mean is that bisexuals as a group appear more willing to question monogamy and consider other alternatives. This is not surprising: The notion of monogamy as the only or best relationship arrangement is a culturally-imposed ideal, not unlike the notion that heterosexuality or monosexuality (attraction to only one sex) is the only or the best sexual orientation. These culturally-imposed ideals may or may not work for individual people, but it requires a certain amount of cognitive flexibility and interpersonal courage to question such deeply entrenched social conventions. It’s plausible that the same flexibility that allows bisexuals to defy societal constraints on who they can love also allows them to defy social constraints on how many they can love, and how. Their attraction to both sexes may be just an additional impetus for questioning the monogamy norm.

I am done posting on this topic. I am sorry sry if i offended you.

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Apr 24

I agree 100% with sry. Being bisexual is NOT a choice; "Hmm, I think I am going to go for him even though I have her" (or vice versa). For most I feel that it is more along the lines "I enjoy men, and I enjoy women. I have been with a man, and I have been with a woman. The man/woman I am currently with is the one I feel safest and most comfortable with. Our feelings are mutual and we are happy together and I have no desire to be with the opposite sex while I am with this person." Being bisexual does NOT mean that you always simultaneously want both men and women. End of discussion. Like sry, I have come out to only a very few people, a couple of which betrayed that trust and told everyone they knew to make my life hell. Most were just fine with it. Unfortunately I feel that it is because society has constructed views FOR people that this all exists. If you look historically, it is always something when it comes to relationships: lately it has been LGBT, before that it was interracial relationships, and there is always talk of how age differences factor in to a relationship. Basically, don't judge someone for who they are because you aren't that way or "don't understand" (as long as they aren't harming others). Live and let live. Love and let love.

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Apr 30

Bi-Sexual's CAN be in a monogamous relationship end of story, now there a lot of different people with a lot of different views, but we cannot turn on and off the gender of who we will date. Example: I am with a women and break up and randomly decide i will e looking for a male, instead another women comes around. I could literary date 10 women and 1 men and i still a bisexual. I could marry a man and not be defined as straight, but bi.


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