A nurse at the hospital said I was tough the day I had surge

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A nurse at the hospital said I was tough the day I had surgery. I said I’d never thought of myself that way.
I got my upper ear lobes repierced today. I was scared but didn’t take anxiety meds first.
I am tough.
I’ve been through a lot. I go through a lot.
I got a piercing today.
I got some organs removed from my body last week. And I didn’t need to take painkiller today for the first time since my hysterectomy.
I’m surviving a breakup. My first breakup. I was dumped by someone and I loved and thought I’d never lose. I lost him. And here I am. Alive.
I inject a 21G needle one inch into my left thigh once a week to administer my testosterone dose.
I survived top surgery.
I’m a survivor of sexual abuse.
I’ve lived through some really ****** times in my life.
I lived through years of dysphoria.
Of self harm.
Of suicide plans.
I’m pretty badass.
I think I get it now. All this pain. And I’m here. And I made it through so much and I am still here and that is awesome.
And I’m getting nipples tattooed onto my body in July.

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Apr 11
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Apr 20

@bittersweet-autumn-wind How is your recovery coming along?

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Apr 20

@CKBlossom I'm doing pretty well, thank you for asking. it's been easier than I expected. I'm still a bit sore but not too bad.


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