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Ok so I don’t even know where to start . I am a 27 yr old

Ok so I don’t even know where to start . I am a 27 yr old female , who has been attracted to other females for quite some time. I have never been with a woman but think about it all the time. I have 2 kids and have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years . I am so lost in my thoughts and confused with them . How do I know if I’m gay or not if I’ve never even been with a woman ? I told my best friend today about how I was feeling and she was so supportive and suggested I should be with a woman to see if those feelings are real or just a fantasy I have . What does everyone else think ? Is there anyone else going through something similar ?

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Jul 28

Thank you so much for this , this comment has helped me a lot !

Jul 29

I am a bisexual woman who has been married to a man for 25 years. Both he and I have always been aware of my capacity to love and be attracted to men and women. When I believed my marriage was fine, this was not an issue. But when I acknowledged there were serious problems in our relationship, my attraction to women became an issue for me. There was an emptiness I needed to fill and I met a woman who was filling that hole (although platonic). I see it as 2 separate issues that collided. I had my first relationship with a woman when I was in college. It was mind-blowing! Making love to her was so much better than anything I had ever experienced with a man. I continued dating women exclusively until I started dating my husband. We had something so good together that I was able to commit myself soley to him. Being attracted to anyone outside of your current relationship is just part of being human. Ask yourself what you want out of an intimate relationship. If your boyfriend isn't hitting the mark, you have choices. Try to work it out with him, or explore possibilities with someone else. If you find the right person, you'll feel peace about it.

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Aug 9

@MSbella people cheat in their relationships when there is something missing from it. wouldn't matter if you were straight or gay, if your relationship isn't fulfilling you're going to look elsewhere.


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