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It's weird now, after being treated like crap by so many guy

BellaLouise18's picture

It's weird now, after being treated like crap by so many guys my girlfriend came into my life. She's treating me with love and respect. I've never been treated like that before so I never know how to react or reply. I feel like because of being treated like i was in the past will affect how i feel now. I can't lose her.

Oct 12

@BellaLouise18 Welcome to SG!... You're fortunate that you have someone like that in your life. You should be treated with love and respect, and it should tell you that you're valued and deserve to be treated that way. If you were treated badly in the past, it doesn't have to define you now. It doesn't mean you deserved to be treated like crap -- we accept what we think we deserve. Your friend now is showing that you deserve to be treated lovingly and with respect. Your limited beliefs about yourself in the past have been proven wrong, thanks to your friend. If you treat her with love and respect in return -- there's no reason why you'd lose her. It sounds like the basis of a healthy relationship.....


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