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So my family have been watching the voice Australia recentl

So my family have been watching the voice Australia recently. They had a teen to on who was ftm, my family straight away muted the t.v. so the little kids couldn't hear him and the parents bad mouthed about how "SHE couldn't possibly know of doesn't feel like a girl at such a young age!" & "why does the voice have to be ruined by trans and gay people??"
Picture that while I'm in the armchair, one left over armrest other foot on floor, on my screen looking at lgbt open account on insta(screen hidden from family) then having to listen to them criticize every lgbt person that comes on, including hereo straight ppl that "look queer". It stings...I felt personally attacked and couldn't stand up for us...or they will question me.. It hurts so much hearing them talk badly about trans or any one part of lgbt+..these ones get enough criticism they don't need my family being mean too.
I feel like I'll never get to be me because I know they will disown me if I come out as demigirl/genderfluid (still questioning) & bisexual...i don't want to be not allowed to see my young siblings but I also don't want to keep having to be lying about parts of me that are important...

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Jun 13

@Yademigirl *don't fit the title

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Jun 13

Please know we're here for you, and that many of us have gone through similar situations growing up. I would mention the positive, the fact that the "Voice" is even presenting and introducing such information to people like your parents. While religion is usually the root of this hate, many bigoted people have opened their minds to the reality that this world contains all colors and flavors of people. The more they are exposed to the fact that everyone knows a loved one who is LGBTQ+ the more likely they will accept us as people just like they are. This is why "coming out" has been so important for our community because the haters have to confront the truth, that we are them, just different. That said, as missm0lly pointed out, "Coming out" is a very personal thing and timing is important so you don't sabotage your own living situation. There will be a right time, maybe when you're ready to move out of their house, when you can have the talk with them. Your young siblings will love you for who you are, and parent's don't have control over who loves who. Take this opportunity to keep helping your siblings open their minds through education. You comments can be more general like "I don't appreciate being called names," or even "how would that make you feel if someone called you that." or even "is that what Jesus did, called people names and teach hate?" Their behavior is deplorable, sorry you have to go through this, but you are not alone. Good luck and keep posting

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Jun 14

“Is that what Jesus did, called people names and teach hate?” Is the most excellent point I’ve ever heard made. I consider myself to be very Christian and I know Jesus would love me even if I ever have a relationship with a woman. There’s nothing wrong with it and your family is terrible for not seeing that. I always tell my friends, stay strong and don’t be afraid to call the police if you would ever need to (which hopefully you don’t!)


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