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Today I feel sad again. I feel sad about my body weight and

Today I feel sad again. I feel sad about my body weight and my hygiene. Im sad because of my previous actions. I'm sad because I'm lazy and never feel like cleaning my space. I am a person with a lot of self doubt. I wish I could be motivated and organized and clean.

Feb 10

Start with, today I'm going to get up and take a nice hot soothing shower then go do it and dont think about anything else just go do it. It will make you feel better and motivate you to get a little something more accomplished today.

Feb 10

Try thinking of the people who wish they had access to hygiene facilities, but don't. Try being grateful for the opportunity to take of yourself and your body. Gratitude for having what others may not, a roof over your head, a bathroom, shower, food in the frige, etc. Thinking about how much worse my life could be always helps me.

Feb 10



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