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I'm only 13 so I have to take the drugs my parents say and f

I'm only 13 so I have to take the drugs my parents say and for 3 weeks I've been taking lithium and it makes me wet the bed and also almost pee my pants during the day because I have to drink so much water. And I hate taking it but they say I have to at least for a little longer to see if it WORKS. I want to just pretend to take it and throw the pills away. Is this safe to do?

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Jul 30

@Mikezx ill tell her but i hope she doesn't ask details

Jul 30

@Raisin_Boy She will know why your asking for it so hopefully she won't ask for details.

It would be worth asking her to see if they have any of the liners that go in your underwear or even a diaper booster pad would work if you are more comfortable with having something for during the day if you can't hold it.

Hopefully you didn't leave the rash get too bad before you checked into what you need to treat it.

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Jul 30

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