i was diagnosed with bipolar 3 years ago..my family has neve


i was diagnosed with bipolar 3 years ago..my family has never denied me treatment but they don't talk about my "problem" (as they refer to it) and they haven't learned what the symptoms of bipolar disorder so they think that im faking it. i used to fake being sick in elementary so i wouldn't have to go to school and now they don't believe me when it comes to my health. my doctor gave me hope that i was misdiagnosed, i've always wanted to be a police officer, and she ran more tests and no i was diagnosed correctly. i know there are people out there dealing with terminal illness and i should be grateful (as my family is constantly reminding me) but i can't help but feel alone and disappointed. my family won't admit it but i know they're ashamed to have someone with "this issue".. a few times it's been thrown back in my face. no one in my family has been diagnosed with a mental disorder and neither have my friends so they always tell me to "snap out of it" and they couldn't handle it when i was manic or paranoid i was going to be attacked since i had a premonition and now i feel more alone than ever

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Feb 17

@Sasha - I am so glad you joined the Bipolar group and you are not alone here. We DO understand and understand it is not something you can "snap out of". I am sorry you aren't getting more support at home, but we are here to support you. I am the moderator of the group and please feel free to send me a personal message anytime. Big hug.......Kisobel

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Feb 18

Has anyone in your family ever talked to your Dr or therapist? If not suggest you request they do sometimes people only believe when they hear from an expert as if that's better than an explanation from the person actually experiencing it. I am sorry your family feels ashamed but I hope you don't. To me no difference from a broken leg, pain in the butt, can time to heal, but will get better. Take care, Rick

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Feb 19

You know who you are and that makes a huge difference. You can still be a cop with bipolar disorder as long as you have it regulated. Do your research. As for your family maybe it just needs to sink in maybe they need to hear it from experts like said before. I wish you all the best!!!!


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