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I have been through a rough time recently. I tried really h


I have been through a rough time recently. I tried really hard to deal with my stress as my counselor told me to. I told my family and boyfriend that I am not OK at all. I sent my SINGALS in advance. Whey don't you get it before I get to the stage of out of control?

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Dec 3

Hello my dear friend,
No one would ever really understand you unless they step into your shoes. In my condition is the same. My family doesn't get it when I am stressed, they just keep pushing me to tell what's wrong. If only I knew the answer... Everyone in my surroundings doesn't get me. They say it will pass blah blah blah.. my therapist helps me, but I don't feel completely fixed... I know it's up to me, that I would get better, but it seems that everytime I try my best, I hit the huge brick wall, and end up in the first stage...
I keep and keep trying, but it seems it is hopeless...
I can't talk to anyone about my problems, because other people in my life, they live in their world, where everything's alright.. and I am happy for them. I am truly am..
But it doesn't help me...
I talk with God everyday in my mind, that he would ease my pain inside, and sometimes it helps...
I use these breathing techniques, they do seem helpful, but not always. Some people tells me I need go to special clinic. Nut House or how is it called idk.. maybe they are right.. maybe I really need that

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Dec 4

I'm sorry I dont understand ur question. Can u explain it more?

Dec 7

Thank you for your comments. I was so miserable that people around did not really support me when I really need any kinds of help.. I could not eat and sleep. I got better now though.

There are so many mistakes that we should not be responsible about like people are still calling psychiatric hospitals as crazy places. How are they so ignorant?

I hope you get support from professionals. I learnt I should not expect that my family and friends solve our problems.


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