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I have been through a rough time recently. I tried really h


I have been through a rough time recently. I tried really hard to deal with my stress as my counselor told me to. I told my family and boyfriend that I am not OK at all. I sent my SINGALS in advance. Whey don't you get it before I get to the stage of out of control?

Dec 5

How are you doing today? I hope they figured out that you need some support.

Dec 6

For me it's because the chemicals get so off, that my mind skips the part of being able to 1st identify either being out of control, turning manic or depressed. A lot of times I dont even know I'm in an out of control state, or, manic or depression until it's over with and I level back out. I think it's just a normal bi-polar thing.

Dec 7

Thank you afunk and Farra11. I think a lot of people don't understand what bipolar disorder is and how they support us.

I am doing a little bit better since I again started taking Lithium carbonate. I don't like taking so many kinds of pills...but anyway it helped this time.


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