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I have been on lithium for 2 weeks now and i have started to

I have been on lithium for 2 weeks now and i have started to have episodes of what I call blankouts, it is almost like a black out but I can still see and move my eyes I just cant move or think anything. It is hard to explain but it is very scary. I am afraid it will happen when I am driving, it only lasts a few seconds does anyone else experience this

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Jul 12

@Belle0216 Did you start off on a high dose or did you slowly work your way up?

Jul 12

That's a really serious side effect. What did your doctor say? I hope he took you off it. Yes, imagine if you're driving... nightmare scenario. I'm sorry you're going through this. I can relate. I'm trying to find the perfect combo too but have had horrible side effects with the last 4 I've tried. Bipolar is no fun, (epic understatement).

Jul 14

Well it did happen when I was driving but luckily I was at a red light all I got was honks and ugly stares but thank God I'm ok. He started me on a low dose but the dr says that I am tricky because low medicine does nothing for me but as soon as we bring out the big guns I have side affects. Now I am on sertraline ambilify latuda and busporin


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