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I hate being bipolar. We all love those highs but boy those

I hate being bipolar. We all love those highs but boy those lows can be so damaging to one's spirit.

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Jan 10

Hey kaelee, so interesting to read your statement. It reminds me that each bipolar person is affected differently. Seems like the highs don't bother you much but the lows take their toll. And yet it can also be the opposite for some. That feeling of being unstoppable with the highs can be great but it also feels like being out of control which is so scary. And that feeling of being low is definitely damaging but when it is not so low it also feels like a respite from the manic. How do you handle the lows to try to keep your spirit from the negative affects?

wena's picture
Jan 13

Afraid of those high. Lost everything twice not again but they feel so good. I do not want to feel bad either and I have no stable periods so one or other. Going to try new meds I guess. Idk

Jan 14

The highs are wonderful and the lows are awful it finding the grey area is always fun. Keep your head up and if you have a higher power maybe pray for some strength to get through.


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