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How do you deal with someone who is bipolar? They take meds

How do you deal with someone who is bipolar? They take meds but then decides to take their selves off and refuse to see a therapist.

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May 16

@newcomer94 she believes all Drs have misdiagnosed her in some form and for counseling she says its too personal I have known this woman for almost 13 years now I am the one who picked up on her being bipolar she finally got checked out after a few years but has decided at times to wean herself off her meds

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May 17

@mommabear19700 Oh that's tough. Im sorry to hear. Yes, the only way she will be able to find that happy medium is by being treated and on medication. If she is in denial about it, then it will require I suppose nothing but patience, understanding and clarity. This might mean you perhaps will have to sound like a broken record in hopes that the message eventually sticks. Or... the other option, which is sad and I hate to even bring it up but it's to let her hit the bottom. Some people need to really fall in order to get up.

May 17

@newcomer94 I agree with your answer but I am a nice person but I am guessing to just let her be for now.


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