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Hi Im spongebob. I am very stressed so my bipolar is all out

Hi Im spongebob. I am very stressed so my bipolar is all out of whack. I take 200mg of lamictal twice a day, but i dont think its working. Will youse help me out?

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Apr 15

spongebob,,, If the stress is coming from anxiety, ask ur doctor about an anti-anxiety medicine. If ur stress is coming from paranoia, ask ur doctor about a paranoia medicine. Paranoia (or severe paranoia) is located inside the bi-polar. There is no getting it out of there. Meds for paranoia helps to settle it down.
Ask ur doctor about a combination of Lamictal 400mg, lexapro, seroquil and ativan.

Apr 15

i cant take seroquil but the other ones i have never tried. Thanks Farrah. Ill ask her about it. i already take lamicital 200 twice a day.

Apr 15

@spongebob I think maybe ask about the anti-anxiety like Klonopin or Xanax, I think Ativan that Farrah11 mentioned is in the same class as those too. It's worth a shot. Klonopin and Xanax are technically anti-anxiety, but they also help regulate my mood and my sleep. They don't give me any side effects and I consider that a blessing. It's so scary trying a new med knowing it might cause a horrible reaction. Anti-anxiety I've had good luck, anti-psychotic not so good. Like I said earlier best I've found for me with the least side effects is Zyprexa but it killed my metabolism and I always have to diet now. I really hope you find something you can tolerate soon. Life gets better when we can find meds that works. <3


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