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Hi! I'm bipolar type II and usually have mixed episodes inst


Hi! I'm bipolar type II and usually have mixed episodes instead of only just mania or depression. Sometimes, during these episodes, I end up having shopping urges and it really bothers me with guilt and shame and feeling like a loser. My doctor tells me this is not shopping addiction per se, it's how my mania sometimes "expresses itself", and there's no wat to treat the shopping urges directly, but the overall manic episode. But that takes a long time to subside, and by then some damage is done. Anyone has the same problem? Any insights and help on this? Thanks a lot!


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Oct 17

Hello and welcome here. Does anyone in the group want to weigh in on this?

Oct 19


Oct 19

@Ebeo yes mania and or hyper sexual can manifest in acting out in many ways including impulsive thoughts and shopping can be one of many. Dont give up see your doctor each month to check in or when u are scheduled and talk about your struggles and issues. Make out a budget each month that may help you too. Therapy you might want to talk to someone as well. DBT Skills groups can help too. You learn skills on how to cope with life better. They have classes for this but not sure they will have in person for that yet cause of covid. Seroquel has helped me alot with shopping impulses but that is just my opinion only. Dont worry you will get there. Talk to a trusted friend or family before you shop that might help too. Hugs.


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