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Hi I’m new here. I think I am bipolar but am afraid to go

Hi I’m new here. I think I am bipolar but am afraid to go and get a diagnosis. I already have been diagnosed with anxiety and severe depression

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Mar 13

@concernedfriend123 About the good day part, for example, if you start feeling like it's the greatest day ever as an extreme, and you have so much wonderful energy that you don't sleep and feel like you could continue on like that with tons of energy and very little sleep or rest... that would most likely be the start of an episode. You could go full manic after that, or you could crash into depression. In general I'm not sure how to tell the difference between regular depression and bipolar depression, sorry. I don't have the depression diagnosis, just bipolar. So I guess 'luckily', I only get the depression when I'm cycling.


I know that I sleep too much, and then I get like high points where I am just so self-confident, almost like self-absorbed but then I can turn around and talk about how I want to kill myself and its just so confusing

Mar 14

@concernedfriend123 I think medication could help balance that out, if your doctor is suggesting it.


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