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Hi guys I'm a new poster. I'm bipolar and have been "stable"

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Hi guys I'm a new poster. I'm bipolar and have been "stable" for about 15 years. These days have made things a bit harder. I'm married, we have 1 child and I have a decent career. Things are hard now because my wife has very severe depression. She also has EDS. She needs a stable husband and father that can handle being daddy hubby and career all in one. I'm not gonna say I'm seeing cracks in the foundation here but It is a struggle to not loose my **** on occasion. Sometimes I just need a break. I'm spending all my free time trying to keep her above water while tryi9ng to explain to our little girl that daddy is trying to keep mommy from feeling sad. I feel lost, bipolar isn't fun. Being Mr Responsible isn't easy. I don't smoke drink take any recreational drugs or anything like that but some times..

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May 21

Do either you or your wife do therapy and/or take medication, it sounds like you are both drowning while trying to keep your child alive, this is so unhealthy and really ineffective!

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May 22

I take lamictal. It's been working great for the past 5 years or so. My wife is taking a myriad of medication for multiple reasons. EDS and other dysautonomia diagnostics can be a heavy burden for medication. I don't have time for therapy and the wife wont leave the house during this time. A masters degree in public health gives her an extra dose of the worst that can happen.


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