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Hi everyone. I'm wondering if it is common in bipolar disor

Hi everyone. I'm wondering if it is common in bipolar disorder to attack your partner/girlfriend if you are having manic symptoms. I didn't attack my girlfriend in person, but I wrote emails to her attacking her on every level. Calling her a liar, saying she doesn't love me, saying all she wants is money and at one point I called her a W.

I feel bad now, because I felt like I was impulsive to the point of being out of my body. I hurt her deeply but she still loves me. Is it possible that my written attack was triggered by mania. I don't know. Does anyone else have experience like this? Thank you for your time.

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May 18, 2017

@Slowhand Best of luck to you. Have her do her part. She needs to research it. She has stuck it out thus far, so loves you. She will have a better appreciation and be able to help if she understands it. Hard for those of us that do not have it to comprehend and requires commitment to putting ourselves in your shoes. All the best.

May 20, 2017

Yes. I have unfortunately done similar things when in an episode too, especially before I got on medication.
Sent a text to my best friend one time accusing her of only pretending to like me and that she wasn't really my friend and blah blah blah. She's such a good friend that she was on my couch 30 mins later making sure I was ok because she knew that wasn't my normal behavior.

May 20, 2017

I've done it when both manic and mixed state. For me, it stems from the intense irritation and anger that comes out of nowhere. Little things set me off, and I'll lay into somebody when they don't deserve it.


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