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Hi everyone. I'm bi polar 2, not doing well. Long depressi

Hi everyone. I'm bi polar 2, not doing well. Long depressions. I failed at everything, tried to get out, live on my own, find a career, go for my dreams. I just want success, I cannot let this over 14 year illness, completely destroy my life, I'm only 34. I feel like it's too late. Marriage, love, it didn't work out, nothing worked out, all bi polar 2 Is sooooo miserably depressing. I just want to live. (my little vent today) I'm feeling so hopeless, is what I'm feeling today. :(

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Oct 10

Hello - It is hard to deal with Bipolar depression. It's not too late. This illness does not have to completely destroy your life. There are skills you can learn to deal with it and ways to identify triggers. Are you currently in therapy? That helps a lot too. We are here for you. Big hug.

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Oct 12

I know what it's like.

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Oct 12

My life is one constant creative genius moment followed by a messy bedroom, dark thoughts and a community that isn't impressed with me so I know how you feel. The good news is that I have friends who have worked out how to navigate the manic periods gracefully so I believe with practice, determination and forgiving / accepting our sometimes loose/chaotic it can be done :)


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