Check it out, new blog above, "All the Feels"!!!! Additionally, we are looking for group Moderators, if you are interested, please email us at [email protected] Preferably we are looking for members who have been on our site for at least 4 months and are at a point on their life path where they can give support based on life experience-Team SG

Hi All, I am new to the group and looking forward to the exc

Hi All, I am new to the group and looking forward to the exchange of help, ideas and support. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, but had known for a very long time, my path had been and would be different from those around me. I am looking forward to conversations with those who "get it".

Nov 14

Welcome! I love being in this group with people who understand the bipolar experience. I've never met anyone in person whose experienced the kind of episodes I've had, so it's a great comfort to me being here and hearing that other people have been through it too. I know no one here will judge me for it either, and that means so much. Welcome to the group! :)


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